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I want to tell you a little about myself. I go by GoldenHawk and have been looking at income opportunities as long as I can remember. (Hmmm... What did I have for lunch??? LOL) Anyway. I have checked out litterally hundreds of different opportunities online and off. Some have potential and some are nothing but CRAP... I am here to investigate them and tell you what I find. I will research and join ones I feel to be worth while. If you have an opportunity you want me to check out then feel free to let me know. BUT... Know now... IF I find the opportunity that you tell me about to be a bad deal I WILL post what I find Good or Bad. So if you are a company that is a SCAM and do not want it posted here. Well Hmmm... Enough Said? I will get to the bottom of every opportunity I check out.

Know this. I don't hold back. I tell what I see. Some of my comments may be short but they are what I see. I may throw some humor in once in a while but this site is not about Humor... It's about.

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Vacation Certificates

Okay. Here is my first post and the reason I created this page. Vacation Certificates. Several years ago I did this and did quite well. Well things have changed I guess. This is mainly for the following company(s) as there are several out there.

Electronic Incentives ( )
Hotels Etc. ( )
Certs Etc ( )

They are all the same company. They promote the opportunity as selling vacation certificates to businesses online and off but seem to say the best part of opportunity is offline sales. They go on to say about commissions for the certificates that are redeemed. They enroll you through a website which looks real good. Says START TODAY in an arrow pointing to the sign.

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